The Golden Triangle presents A Night in Italy

    Come to The Golden Triangle and delight in the sounds of the Italian Baroque! Travel with the Ossia Chamber Players to 17th Century Italy and an oboe quartet featuring a repertoire from the golden age of stringed instruments. Cremona, Italy was the epicenter of violin making, led by the famous Antonio Stradivari, whose family included generations of furniture makers. Antonio took this ancestral DNA to the incredible heights that we now know as the world’s most gorgeous and precious violins (and a few violas and cellos). You will hear one of these priceless instruments in the concert. The quartet is augmented by the plaintive sound of the oboe, one of the oldest instruments in the modern orchestra. The blending of oboe and strings will produce rich and unforgettable layers of sound.

     Corelli, Boccherhini, Giardini are our featured composers and with a wink to Groundhog Day, we will likely begin and end with the famous Boccerhini minuet. As is our practice, the evening will be casual and intimate, with breaks for you to explore the gallery, meet new friends and refill your glass. To purchase a ticket, please follow the link below to Eventbrite. On the Eventbrite site, payment is collected and your reservation is made.

Eventbrite: The Golden Triangle presents A Night in Italy

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