Monumental Set of Indian Doors

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This impressive entrance was originally found on a great mansion in Gujarat, India. Carved from teak and covered in successive layers of paint, it is a colorful hybrid of Indian and European architectural motifs. Great numbers of these homes were built during the British Colonial period, particularly in the extremely prosperous late-19th Century. At that time, many Indian entrepreneurs grew wealthy servicing the Empire and built family mansions in their hometowns as well as in the booming urban centers where they mostly worked. Since India has a culture that is unusually open to blending in outside influences, these entrances are a delight for the modern student of architecture to decipher. The ornamental capitals take from native Indian and Greek iconic motifs, the lintel is classic Indian and the doors themselves show Mugal influence. They are exceptionally sturdy and powerful but painted in pastel green –so unexpected and playful! They were originally set in a masonry wall and could be used in that way again.

  • Origin | Gujarat, India
  • Dimensions | 64"W x 10"D x 83"H
  • Age | 19th Century
  • Material | Teak Wood
  • ID | 19T08001

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