Custom TV Lift Cabinet

This was an unusually fun project for our workshop.  Old wood, precision carpentry, an electric motor, AND a TV? The designers at Soucie-Horner asked us if we could do it and of course we said yes and got right to it.  The challenge was to make a media cabinet that could hide a TV and a customer’s full-size audio components in a compact enough form that it could be placed against a window wall, blocking only part of it.  So the cabinet couldn’t be too tall.  It also couldn’t be so long that it wouldn’t go up the elevator. 

And then of course it had to look great in the room... the solution: taking some old Chinese lattice panels, backing them in black speaker cloth ad building a storage unit around them.  The center part holds the TV, the side wings hold the audio electronics.  Since the TV was large, we had to size the cabinet accordingly.  The limiting factor in making a TV lift cabinet is the height.   However tall the TV is, it must fit inside.  We selected a very compact lift mechanism that took up very little space, vertically.  Once the remote is engaged, the lift pushes open the hidden door, and the TV screen follows.  It takes about 30 seconds.  Since the TV itself is shallow, the area in front is free for storage of…VHS tapes.  Or whatever it is you collect.  Enjoy our film!