@The Palace: The Sound of Deep Winter
The Golden Triangle has hosted numerous concerts, lectures and interactive art installations since the mid-2000’s. This was our very first concert in our new space on West Grand Avenue, part of a series we are calling @The Palace. 
It was great to be hosting again and reconnecting with our customers and our performing artist friends!
We are huge fans of chamber music and it’s a special privilege to host performances in the kind of room the music was meant to be heard in.  Not too big or too small, with great acoustics and lighting, with space to wander and explore…
Sounds of Winter started with an idea -how to mark this moment in the cycle of calendar with music that is reflective, mysterious and calming.  We asked Nora Williams of the Ossia Musical Foundation to curate a special program of “winter music” from compositions by Philip Glass, Arvo Part and Handel.  Music that flows like water beneath and ice-covered stream.  Nora assembled a quartet of superbly talented musicians, and they practiced the pieces to perfection. 
Then, a few hours before the performance, it began to snow!  About 40 guests attended the event, which was performed in front of a monumental Indian palace façade, that was moved from Asia to Chicago.  The program was divided into 3 segments of 25-30 minutes each, with breaks in between so people could move around and enjoy a snack or beverage. We plan another concert soon!