TV Art Wall

As TV screens grow larger, they've come to dominate walls and even entire rooms. Is there a way to hide them? TV cabinets are no longer a practical solution because today's jumbo televisions are just too big. In a large room, it may be possible to hide the screen behind sliding doors or folding panels -we've done this before with Thai teak carvings. However, the simplest solution is to camouflage the TV inside an art wall. We just did this in a Gold Coast townhouse and the results were outstanding. Here are the steps:

The first step was to prepare the wall. In this case, our customer, a designer, created a back-lit, floating sofit that could be covered in any material.

Together we selected a collection of vintage Indian cement molds. The wooden molds were originally used to make precast concrete panels that were inserted into masonry walls and then painted.

Next we chose the forms and made a geometric composition centered around the television. And we stained it all black. We pre-fit everything in our workroom, assuring a smooth installation.

This might be the first time this has ever been done -anywhere. (We did a make prototype in our store a few years ago to test the concept.) Can we make a TV art wall for you?