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Showing 1 - 12 of 42 products
Hand Carved Wooden elephantHand Carved Wooden elephant
Hand Carved Wooden elephant
Regular price$2,500 Sale price$1,800
Burmese Lacquer BasketBurmese Lacquer Basket
Burmese Lacquer Basket
Sale price$950
Ceramic Chinese Scholar sculptureCeramic Chinese Scholar sculpture
Brass Horse SculptureBrass Horse Sculpture
Brass Horse Sculpture
Regular price$2,400 Sale price$1,800
Thai Elephant CarvingThai Elephant Carving
Thai Elephant Carving
Sale price$1,800
Burmese Offering VesselBurmese Offering Vessel
Burmese Offering Vessel
Sale price$1,400
Burmese Betel nut BoxBurmese Betel nut Box
Burmese Betel nut Box
Sale price$850
Burmese Offering Urn with lid, red LacquerBurmese Offering Urn with lid, red Lacquer
Burmese Offering Urn with black lacquerBurmese Offering Urn with black lacquer
Burmese Lacquer Ware Offering TrayBurmese Lacquer Ware Offering Tray

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