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Showing 1 - 12 of 50 products
Hand Carved Wooden elephantHand Carved Wooden elephant
Hand Carved Wooden elephant
Sale price$2,500
Burmese Lacquer Basket, red lacquerBurmese Lacquer Basket, red lacquer
Ceramic Chinese Scholar sculptureCeramic Chinese Scholar sculpture
Brass Horse SculptureBrass Horse Sculpture
Brass Horse Sculpture
Sale price$2,400
A Cambodian style VaseA Cambodian style Vase
A Cambodian style Vase
Sale price$490
Thai Elephant CarvingThai Elephant Carving
Thai Elephant Carving
Sale price$1,800
Burmese Offering VesselBurmese Offering Vessel
Burmese Offering Vessel
Sale price$1,400
Burmese Betel nut BoxBurmese Betel nut Box
Burmese Betel nut Box
Sale price$850
Burmese Offering Urn with lid, red LacquerBurmese Offering Urn with lid, red Lacquer
Burmese Offering Urn with black lacquerBurmese Offering Urn with black lacquer

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