Custom Cement Molds Wall

This was one of our favorite projects of the year -making a unique piece of wall art for a designer. Filip Malyszko of Steve+Fillip dropped by the store one day and showed us plans for a quite spectacular condo his firm was designing in the West Loop. The home had a modern theme and needed a contrasting art piece for the entry. We brainstormed ideas together and came up with a Mondrian-like composition of Indian cement molds. These forms were used to make precast concrete panels that were embedded into masonry walls for added texture and then painted.

We created a rough draft on a large worktable by pulling various vintage parts from our inventory. Then, in consultation with the designer (and his customer) we finalized the design and began cutting some parts and adding others. Next, we commissioned a local metal smith to make a custom steel frame with an oxidized finish. Finally, we installed the artwork.

Laying out the rough draft.

Installing the first segment Inside the custom steel frame.

Detail of the molds

The finished installation, located in the entry hall.