Pair of Patinated Gilt Bronze Buddhist Apostles

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According to Buddhist tradition, the Buddha had two first Chief Disciples, Sāriputta and Moggallāna. Depictions of these apostles are often found along side Buddha statues on temple altars. In South East Asia, most of these sculptures are wooden. These exceptionally fluid and life-like sculptures are cast in bronze. The apostles are depicted in a worshipful pose. The first, face upturned, gently extends his arms with palms down and delicately outstretched fingers. The second, kneeling forward, is bent down with hands clasped together. Their highly detailed gilt robes, adorned with mirrored glass, ripple and fold to the contours of their bodies.

  • Origin | Northern Thailand
  • Dimensions | 24"W x 34"D x 29"H
  • Age | 20th Century
  • Material | Bronze
  • ID | 15T02298

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